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Casino Collection

Casino Collection

A collection inspired by the most ancient casino in the world: this casino was born in Venice in 1638, the Venice Reduced, in a room of the San Moise Palace. Before the birth of the real casinos, gambling was practiced in so-called medieval Baratterie. Moreover, the gambling hall usually remained open during the six months of Carnival and was frequented by the nobles and the city’s
most known persons who used to attend the hall masked, except for Barnabotti, the croupiers who, in most cases, were fallen nobles.
The Venice Reduced was one of the favorite places of Giacomo Casanova who considered it the ideal environment to go hunting for achievements.

In Venice the most played games were:
the card game, roulette and backgammon


  • An iconic bracelet in full gold, diamonds and rubies. French suits turn in the centre of the bracelet. Club, hearts, spade and diamonds;
  • Cufflinks and a pendant in full gold, diamonds and rubies. Every single element twists and turns, whereas the French suits turns in the centre of the jewels Club, hearts, spade and diamonds;
  • A full gold ring that expresses the exclusivity of the Brand Barakà.


  • A brooch with dice in gold and white diamonds;
  • A pendant with dice in gold and white diamonds. Interesting for this pendant is the movement: the bail can be detached from the pendant and you can make use the dice to play.


  • The brooch reminds a precious roulette.

The materials are rose gold, white diamond and stainless steel.


  • Limited edition: it means that we can produce only 21 pieces for each model;
  • Limited edition: the serial number is specified in this important bracelet, in the cufflinks and in the pendant that turns and in the ring.