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The Diamond Collection tells about men's jewelry with a unique and sophisticated design, in which the preciousness of diamonds blends with gold, in a stylistic research that becomes a pure expression of Made in Italy luxury.

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Jewels from the Diamonds collection in 18k gold and diamonds by Barakà, historic brand of luxury men's jewelry made in Italy.



A personal tribute to the timeless refinement and perfection of the diamond, the Diamonds collection encompasses all the evolutions of the Barakà manufacture through jewels with an apparently minimal design, which hide a refined complexity of workmanship. Black diamonds, set in perfect, parallel tracks, combine with rose gold to highlight the precision of the composition and the expert craftsmanship of the jewel.



The creations of the Diamonds collection are designed to enrich and enhance the personality of the man, giving a touch of exclusive refinement to every outfit and a practical and comfortable wear. Diamonds and gold intersect as an aesthetic expression of the purest elegance, fully capturing the values of the male universe through a rigorous and essential design that gives space for multiple combinations of style.

Cross pendant for man in gold and diamonds, finely crafted by the master goldsmiths of Barakà Jewelry, exclusive brand made in Italy.




Barakà, a historic jewelry brand born in the sixties, is today an established brand of luxury jewelry for men with high technical and engineering content.


The company Muraro Lorenzo Spa, is able to guarantee the excellence and exclusivity of its collections thanks to the internal production: designers transfer ideas onto paper, engineers transform the intangible into material by creating the prototypes and master goldsmiths complete the work by making these jewels.

White Gold, Rose Gold and Diamonds bracelet
Rose Gold ring with black Diamonds
Pendant in Gold and Black Diamonds
White Gold, Rose Gold and Diamonds bracelet
Rose Gold and Black Diamonds Pendant
Rose Gold ring with black Diamonds
Pendant in Gold and Black Diamonds


Craftsmanship is at the heart of our company.

The skilful creativity, experience and talent of our artisans are expressed through complex working techniques and extreme attention to detail: each piece of the collection is in fact handmade and painstakingly assembled by master goldsmiths within our in-house workshop.

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