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The exaltation of beauty through impeccable lines and proportions for one-of-a-kind jewels.


The octagon is a fundamental aspect for Barakà: the octagonal safety lock is in fact a distinctive trait of the men’s collections created to foster an easy opening and wearing, since it is possible to lock them with one hand, and it has been designed following a shape with many angles and sides.
This symbol, now transposed into women’s collections, is a synonym for exclusivity and refinement that capture the essence of strength and independence.
Eight sides for eight female facets: the symmetrical boldness of the octagon embody the regalness and the determination of the woman.

The perfect alliance in the luxury world:
gold and diamonds

Timeless works of art combining gold and diamonds around octagonal shapes: Barakà captures the essence of women through an exclusive design that crosses transversally any fashion trend. The most precious material meets the most exclusive stone to create a luxurious combination for a charming Muse.

Artisanal craftsmanship
the creative engineering

For the last 70 years Barakà has merged the best of two worlds, jewelry and engineering, and has designed creations featuring sophisticated mechanisms that describe unique and refined personalities. The artisanal savoir-faire can be seen in the exquisite and eye-catching details that make the wear simply magnificent.

The diversity of colors
in a golden embrace

Barakà’s master goldsmiths design colorful jewels that bring within themselves all the nuances of gold: from white to rose through yellow gold, every piece is the result of a meticulous work. The multicolor jewels take shape thanks to the expert hands that melt, embed, clip and weld the gold.



Maestria Artigiana


Da settant’anni, Barakà unisce i mondi della gioielleria e dell’ingegneria creando gioielli dai meccanismi sofisticati per raccontare personalità uniche e raffinate. Il sapere artigianale è applicato in dettagli ricercati, millimetri preziosi che catturano l’attenzione e rendono magnificente l’indosso.


I maestri artigiani di Barakà creano gioielli che portano con sè tutti i colori dell’oro: dal bianco al rosa, passando per il giallo, ogni prezioso è un lavoro certosino in cui i particolari si affiancano dopo un lavoro manuale meticoloso. Il gioiello multicolor prende forma con mani sapienti che fondono, incastonano, agganciano e saldano.



Barakà describes the evolution of the Woman from the origins of the brand to the present day.
From the spotlights of a gala night to business meetings, women nowadays are emancipated and live confidently displaying their talents and owning their independence.

In a world of elegance and sophistication, Barakà becomes a loyal ally for all the enchanting Muses that are looking for a way to increase their magnetic charm.

The Barakà’s Octagon collection therefore becomes the symbol of a refined, independent femininity and celebrates the strong beauty of all the women that wear its jewels so proudly.

Ottagono Collection: the bracelets

Whether it is worn on a bare arm or whether it peeks out from a sleeve, a Baraka’s Ottagono bracelet never goes unnoticed. Every bracelet is made of 18 Kt gold and Conflict Free diamonds and each of them is a testimony of Barakà’s dedication towards artisanal excellence and innovation. Wearing a bracelet from the Ottagono collection is all about embracing your own strength with uncompromising elegance.

Ottagono Collection: the rings

Barakà’s Ottagono rings embody the essence of determination and refinement. Entirely made of 18kt gold and diamonds, these rings are a tribute to the octagonal shape symbolizing strength and symmetry. The engineering mechanisms highlight the artisanal craftsmanship behind every piece that are not just jewels, but true works of art, proudly worn by whoever loves to celebrate their individuality.

Ottagono Collection: the necklaces

The sophisticated elegance of these necklaces makes them real pieces of art in motion, in which the hidden engineering mechanisms display Barakà’s innovative approach to jewelry. The octagon is a symbol of exquisite refinement thanks to its exclusive design and the combination of gold and diamonds.

Ottagono Collection: the earrings

Barakà’s Ottagono earrings are an expression of sophistication and determination. Made of 18Kt gold, diamonds and enamel, they celebrate strength through their geometrical shape.

The harmonious lines and volumes create an effect of lightness and grace. Barakà’s high-end jewelry stand out immediately, giving those who wear them a sense of pride for wearing such luxurious pieces that celebrate uniqueness.

The development of roots


The Woman is also Barakà’s undisputed protagonist in the preservation of nature: just like a tree, every woman starts developing from her roots and grows and evolves creating new paths. For every Barakà jewel purchased, a plant will be sown, so that that same majesty will be growing in the woods and forests as well.

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