Barakà Baselworld 2015: a new collection of bracelets designed in collaboration with Pininfarina - Barakà


Baselworld 2015: a new collection of bracelets designed in collaboration with Pininfarina

Barakà by Pininfarina a Baselworld 2015

After the Italian Icons Collection dedicated to the icons of “Made in Italy” automotive design by Pininfarina, Barakà collaborates again with Pininfarina to make a new prestigious collection of men’s bracelets.

Once again, Barakà by Pininfarina collection is inspired by the concept cars created by the famous design house based in the Piedmont region. These “dreams in motion” perfectly convey the values of Purity, Elegance and Innovation that Pininfarina expresses in its creations and Barakà includes and adopts in this new collection.

Elegance is the hallmark of “Made in Italy”, expressed by two brands thanks to the ongoing pursuit of the Purity of lines and shapes, and a strong drive towards Innovation, since design is all this when it looks to the future and introduces elements of aesthetic and functional refinement to reality.

The first two bracelets in the collection, including one with a matching set of cufflinks and an elegant USB stick, will be launched at Baselworld 2015. This event, for the watch and jewellery sector, has always been a prestigious showcase for innovations and future trends in style, and is not to be missed. A third bracelet, instead, will be presented in the coming months in conjunction with celebrations for the 85th anniversary of the birth of Pininfarina, which occurs in the same year as the 40th anniversary of Muraro Lorenzo S.p.A. It is a further bond between the two brands that have successfully, throughout their history, established themselves among the most excellent brands in the luxury and design sector.

Brand manager of Barakà, Alberto Muraro, comments on the new partnership with Pininfarina: ”Just like the first time, I am really proud to continue this path with our partner Pininfarina. For both companies this is a special year to be celebrated, looking back to what has been achieved and looking to the future with more optimism, knowing that we have a firm foundation on which to rely.

Elegance, Purity and Innovation have led our design right from the start,” says President of the Group, Paolo Pininfarina. “We are honoured that Barakà decided to celebrate our 85th anniversary with us, with an extraordinary collection of bracelets dedicated to our values.”