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A perfect combination of luxury jewellery and smart technology, this high-tech bracelet connects to the BWT® application to offer several features with a focus on Business and Fitness.


Stock Exchange

By setting the indices you are interested in, the bracelet will vibrate every time that the stock indices you have selected exceed the set thresholds.

PowerPoint Controller

Simply move your hand to make your PowerPoint presentations more interactive: scroll through the slides, zoom in on a detail, read a chart.

Call Filter

You can create groups from the App’s Contacts and set a custom signal. The bracelet will vibrate differently according to the selected call groups.

Voice Recorder

“Ok Barakà” is the recognition signal to record conversations through the bracelet’s built-in microphone.



The bracelet detects and keeps track of your daily steps. A daily and weekly report of your progress and the goals you have achieved will be available in the App.


By setting your parameters in the App, you can calculate the number of calories burned.


A new concept of wearable luxury, this ultimate Barakà-style bracelet features a satin silver and rose gold central piece that contains a next-generation chip owned exclusively by the brand, called BWT® - Barakà Wearable Technologies.

Barakà Technology and Style

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The application is available for all Android OS 4.3 smartphones and newer versions and for iPhone 5/iOS 9 and newer versions.



My Bracelet


Store Locator

Get all the stock exchange data you want to know, and smart features such as call filter, voice recorder and PowerPoint Controller.

The place where you can keep track of your daily steps and calories burned. By setting custom goals, you can constantly monitor the results you have achieved.

Register your bracelet and activate a 24-month extended warranty.

Through the application, you can discover our jewellery catalogue divided into Business, Free Time or Leisure, the three areas covered by Barakà, which combine luxury, innovation, elegance and attention to detail.

The application uses geolocation services to identify the Barakà stores closest to you on the map.

Smart Barakà

Three styles combine a rose gold and silver central chip with straps in 3 different colours

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Smart Barakà - Prime

Limited Edition bracelet in gold and black diamonds

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Features: Monitoring of stock indices / PowerPoint Controller / Voice Recorder / Call Filter / Pedometer / Calorie
Connectivity: Smart-enabled Bluetooth®/4.1 low energy
Compatibility: Android OS 4.3 and newer versions, iPhone 5/iOS 9 and newer versions
Battery life: Up to 24 hours in idle mode, 4 to 6 hours when usedre


Width: 13 mm
Height: 9.5 mm
Length: 47 mm