Barakà Collezione 8848 | Bracciali di lusso uomo

Barakà by Pininfarina Collection

Barakà by Pininfarina collection

Three key values of design, two major "Made in Italy" companies, and just one collection.
After the Italian Icons collection, Barakà and Pininfarina continue to express Italian style in men’s fine jewelry with a new collection of bracelets. It is based on the cars and concept cars designed, over the years, by the famous Italian design house. In every detail of the bodywork, in the harmonious lines, the selection of materials and in all aspects that make these cars real “dreams in motion” the distinctive qualities of Pininfarina design can be recognised: Elegance, Innovation and Purity.
Not by chance do these same values also animate the spirit of Barakà. In the history of Barakà and Pininfarina, various similarities can be found that explain their affinity for sharing the same value system.
Elegance, Innovation and Purity; each one of these three values can be found in the three bracelets in the Barakà collection by Pininfarina. The bracelets have been created to add a touch of design to the wrist, where the heartbeat is stronger.

Elegance is the hallmark of “Made in Italy” excellence. Italian style is famous worldwide thanks to those who have best represented it, such as Barakà and Pininfarina. Their Italian essence is expressed via their ongoing pursuit of elegance, which should not be mistaken for superficiality. It is indeed a form of respect towards others, expressing a desire to make beauty a quality that everyone can share.

Innovation leads to improvement. For Barakà and Pininfarina, design is all this when it looks to the future and introduces new elements to reality. The innovative spirit always pushes the cognitive horizon further ahead. It is the very premise of development.

Purity is intended as the Simplicity of perfect lines, shapes and proportions. This sense of purity is the direct consequence of the artisan experience, the fundamental basis of both Barakà and Pininfarina. An artisan knows that purity leads to functionality. Each creation only finds its raison d’etre when it is functional; otherwise it is nothing more than an empty shell.


The Pure Essence of “Made in Italy”. This quality seals the bond between Barakà and Pininfarina, expressed by a silver bracelet with a shaped rubber core, surface-coated in a gold colour and matt blue typical of Pininfarina.

The Italian design house has chosen this piece of jewelry as one of its masterpieces of Icon85, the first lifestyle collection created to celebrate its 85th anniversary. This bracelet is also a sign that the path undertaken by Barakà and Pininfarina will continue to feature passion, fine craftsmanship and Italian style.