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8848 Collection


Always aiming higher, never stopping, looking to continuously improve: Muraro Lorenzo Spa has made these principles an integral part of its history since it was founded exactly 40 years ago. On the occasion of this 40th anniversary, Barakà has been inspired by the principles that drive the group for the new exclusive 8848 collection with which Barakà pays homage to the first ascent of Mount Everest on May 29, 1953.
The conquest of the highest summit in the world, at 8,848 meters, is celebrated through four bracelets created with elements, such as the cord on the straps and the clasp shaped like a karabiner, which evoke the real equipment used to succeed in that historic undertaking.
The 8848 collection re-evokes the ascent of Everest not only as a historic event, but above all as a concrete example of man’s ability to get past each and every limit, because through his will he can achieve anything and therefore always aim higher


It is 1953, the world has left the war behind and is looking straight into the future. There is a great desire for innovation, change and investment. To understand the spirit of the time we can look at May 29, 1953, the day a bold New Zealander climber, with his faithful Sherpa, reached, the first in history, the highest summit in the world, Mount Everest. After a long and difficult ascent along the South Col route, at 11:30 a.m., a man was able to admire the panorama from an altitude of 8,848 meters for the first time. They buried some biscuits and chocolate in the snow, along with a small cross, as a seal of this great conquest. An undertaking that literally takes your breath away. After fifteen minutes spent as the tallest men on earth, the two climbers had to start descending due to a lack of oxygen. They could then tell and share their incredible adventure with the rest of the world.

The spirit of this historic undertaking comes to life in the bracelets of the 8848 collection. The ascent begins.


  • The first ascent to Everest is celebrated with gold and diamonds that make the bracelet even more precious.
  • The patented Barakà clasp takes on the shape of a typical karabiner for mountaineering.
  • The strap is made of woven cord, which withstands the traction of a great deal of kilos, exactly like the ropes used during the ascents of the most inaccessible mountains.